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Hello and welcome to All Star Weekend New Orleans 2017!

As you may know, we are a publication which specializes in the discussion of sports betting. In particular, our core topic would be betting on the team sport of basketball. You can go around the world and there is a pretty big chance that you will come across someone who is either a player or an avid spectator of this amazing sport. It is those people in particular that we are reaching out to today.

We Are Looking For Contributors!

It is our greatest goal to build a magazine for those who are aiming to place successful or make well-informed bets on the NBA or any general basketball game. We want to be something that they will frequently make use of. In order to achieve that, we need more articles!

Do you have an interest in basketball?

If you’ve answered yes, you’ve already met 50% of our requirements. We believe that those who love the game are those who are best equipped to talk about it.

Do you have experience with betting on sports?

In this world of ours, it is often those with the voice of experience which really share knowledge that everyone may grow from.

Do you have a knack for writing?

We need people who have a talent for using words. After all, if we’re going to be explaining how to make good bets, we need people who are equipped with the ability to explain them without misunderstandings happening.

Would you be interested in contributing your knowledge with us? If so, reach out and we can process your applications with haste.