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Viewing Live or Live Streaming: Which Helps You Make Better Bets?

Once you have actually made the bet, it’ll be time to choose which way to watch over it. This would also be a good opportunity to consider which viewing method would help you determine better bets in the future.

When you’re a serious bettor, it is always important to think things thoroughly. Everything needs to tie back to how you can improve your betting skills and your eye for a good bet. Viewing the sport is an added bonus if you’re mostly after the thrill of placing a bet and seeing how the gamble goes. So when you’re deciding on the viewing method, it’s important to look at both options:


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This, of course, refers to being physically present at the arena where the bout is being held. If you’re a huge basketball fan, this is a dream come true for many. If you’re a full-fledged bettor, this can be a bit of a bad idea.

Tensions, emotions, and reactions generally run high during a live game. It can be easy to get swept away with all the cheering and the jeering. If you’re supposed to be an impartial viewer in order to place an impartial bet, watching live can be a bad idea. Not to mention that it can also be quite expensive getting your hands on the tickets needed for the event, right?

Live Streaming

two guys excited watching sports - Viewing Live or Live Streaming: Which Helps You Make Better Bets?

Live streaming is something that you can do from the comfort of your home. You can pick any website that offers to steam the game—like Twitch—and you can just sit back and watch. From that vantage point, you can remain unmoved by the high emotions that generally run during the basketball game itself.

It also gives you a wider view and even if you’re watching on TV, you can view different angles and instant replays. This can help you better scrutinize the match, the players, and even the support team. The only trouble you’ll have is if you have patchy internet.

Which of these two methods have you tried out? Which one worked better in terms of helping you create better bets for the future? We would love to know your thoughts on this.

Sports-Betting Basketball Options: Which One Is the Most Secure?

When it comes to the whole betting on basketball thing, bettors really need to think things through. Anyone who is into betting will know that we are all spoiled for choice. When it comes to choosing a secure option for you to put your money on the line, one cannot help but ask the question: which one would be the most secure? We’ve been told that basketball betting with boomtown is pretty safe, but please read the whole article before making a decision.

We try to answer that with today’s discussion. Here are a few betting options that you can choose:


laptop basketball - Sports-Betting Basketball Options: Which One Is the Most Secure?
Online casinos and websites which cater to gambling needs have been gaining in constant popularity in the last decade or so. While there were some laws which made it quite sketchy at the start, things are a lot better now.

Online gambling is one of the best options that you can pursue since you don’t have to leave the house and the returns are instantaneous. The only thing you’ll need to be discerning with is the website that you use as there are fake ones that do try to steal your personal information.

Local Bookie

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A local bookie would, of course, refer to the local bookkeeper that lives in your general area. They are normally found in sports bars and can actually be affiliated with the bar itself. They are the ones that have the pulse on the odds and can even give you good tips (if they’re willing to share).

They are normally quite reliable since the serious ones have to get accredited and care about their reputation with gamblers a lot.


architecture 1846684 960 720 - Sports-Betting Basketball Options: Which One Is the Most Secure?

This is probably the most traditional place to process your bet through. They normally have a buy-in fee AKA processing fee so be prepared to spend a little more than you’re intending to. Casino serves are generally secure—as long as you have the betting stub. If you lose that stub, that’ll be game over for you.

The three generally have their own pros and cons and have varying degrees of security. Ultimately, it’ll be up to you to check which method works best for you. Which ones of these have you tried? What experience did you have in terms of security?

Preseason Prep: Three Things You Should Be Paying Attention To

The NBA is definitely the source of a lot of tears and joys through the years. It also, incidentally, is the source of wins and losses for a lot of sports bettors all over the globe. Every year, those who are avid fans tune in for both the preseason and the season proper. Now that the NBA preseason is about to start, anyone who is aiming to put their money where their favorites are should pay close attention to certain things.

These things are:

Player Composition

Basketball Player holding ball - Preseason Prep: Three Things You Should Be Paying Attention To

The players themselves comprise of the bulk of what makes a good bet or not. Pay attention to who got kept and who got traded. Usually, the composition of the team will determine if they’re going to do well or not.

Try to take note of whose personalities clash and factor in the stress that accompanies the game. Always keep in mind that just because two players don’t get along well does not mean that will always bleed into actual in-game performance.

Team Coach

young basketball player shoot 53876 14085 - Preseason Prep: Three Things You Should Be Paying Attention To

The coaches are an integral part of the team. They, after all, look after the general welfare of the players and plan out and teach strategic plays. If the coach was pretty disappointing last season, you’ll need to make a decision early on how they factor into how their team is going to be. Will they be the same? Did the coach improve?

These are a few things that you should consider when you’re eyeing the coach.


basketball game competition sport 39593 - Preseason Prep: Three Things You Should Be Paying Attention To

The preseason is a rather good time to keep an eye out on how the teams are performing. If you have a particular team in mind, now would be a good time to check how the players are performing as well. The performance of the team overall will be the determining factor if you win a bet or you lose.

We hope that these few tips will help you gain a better understanding of what you should keep an eye on during the preseason—especially when it comes to deciding on who you’re going to bet on. What things do you keep an eye on during preseason? Let us know!





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